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Wheelwerks Exclusive Wheel Fitment Guide PDF Print E-mail

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Wheel measuring and fitment Guide

Do these words seem mysterious and vague? Many automobile owners who purchase aftermarket wheels and tires frequently purchase wheels and tires off the internet not really knowing if their purchase will even fit their vehicle. Wheel Werks, Inc. has created a Fitment Guide that you can look up the year, make and model of your vehicle and detemine whether or not the wheels and or tire combination you want will fit.

Wheel Fitment Guide Contains

Over 5000 listings of configurations, 40 Manufactures, Technical notes, Year ranges of makes and models from as early as 1982 all the way up to 2007, Wheel Sizes and many more important and extreemly valuable pieces of information.

This is the HOLY GRAIL. No one but no one has this information like Wheelwerks as compiled over the years.

It's like you are tapping into Mike Pruess years of knowledge.

Click on this preview below to see what you will get!


Centerbore and Hubcentric Rings - fitment diagramA centerbore is the machined circular hole on the back of a wheel. Its purpose is to ensure that the wheel fits perfectly centered onto the vehicle's hub.

Centerbores on most OEM wheels come machined to exact specifications for the vehicles they come on. Aftermarket wheels usually have a standard centerbore measurement, which may or may not fit your vehicle without a small plastic adapter called a hubcentric ring.


Wheel Offset - The distance between a wheel's mounting surface and its center line (perpendicular to axis of rotation).
Generally, a offset determines how far a wheel "sticks out" relative to your vehicle's fender well. A wheel's offset can be positive, zero, or negative.

Positive Offset
Wheels with a positive offset usually won't stick out from the vehicle's side. Late model car OEM wheels generally have a positive offset.

fitment diagram2Zero Offset Zero offset wheels have a mounting surface dead center in the wheel. Putting a zero offset on a car designed for a positive offset will cause it to stick out from the vehicle's fender.

Negative Offset
A negative offset wheel has its mounting surface located even deeper in the wheel, causing it to stick out the most. Choosing the right offset wheel is important in preventing excessive wear on your vehicle's suspension and steering systems as well preventing the tire from rubbing inside the well or the fender.

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